Technical Books - FOR SALE!

Rubber Consultants is pleased to be able to offer these five technical books published by the American Chemical Society, Rubber Division, with excellent savings to be made for multiple orders. The titles cover everything from compounding and processing for professionals to the basics for beginners or non-technical professionals. The Rubber Division, ACS is dedicated to the basic idea that learning must be a life-long process for rubber scientists, engineers, chemists and technician and publish a range of highly acclaimed technical books that are used in companies and universities all over the world.

A Beginner's Guide to Rubber Technology by R.J. Del Vecchio is for newcomers to the industry looking for the basics about rubber. This is not a hefty textbook, it really is just what the title suggests: a 60-page presentation of rubber technology in a simple, easy-to-read format that does not require a technical background. It covers how rubber is made, how it is tested and controlled in quality. Also included is a glossary of rubber terms and up-to-date bibliography for those who want to go on to greater learning.

Price: 12.50 plus p&p

Basic Elastomer Technology edited by Krishna C. Baranwal and Howard L. Stephens, provides up-to-date information on the rubber industry as it exists today and is the textbook for the Rubber Division, ACS Basic Rubber Technology Correspondence Course. This 600-page hardback covers current information on available elastomers, compounding materials and methods used to produce rubber products.

Price: 48.00 plus p&p

Elastomer Technology: Special Topics also edited by Krishna C. Baranwal and Howard L. Stephens, is the Rubber Division, ACS Intermediate Rubber Technology Correspondence Course text.

Price: 72 plus p&p

New Publication:

Elastomer Moulding Technology by John G. Sommer. A Comprehensive and Unified Approach to Materials, Methods, and Mold Design for Elastomers. This book incorporates important chemical, physical and mechanical aspects of Elastomer (Rubber) Molding Technology in a single source for the first time. It is an essential reference for compounders of moulded elastomer products, molders, mold designers, mold builders, and purchasers and users of molded elastomer articles. The book has 471 pages with 148 figures and 25 tables.

Price: 94 plus p&p

For two or more book orders there is a 10% (ten percent) discount.

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