Natural FR

Natural  FR is a sustainable, zero-halogen, low smoke, low toxic rubber compound based on natural rubber. Natural FR has been developed at TARRC and is based on a modified natural rubber grade that is renewable.

It starts its journey from the latex of the natural rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. Natural FR can be used to meet material flammability criteria in industrial rubber products and has passed the flammability requirements for floor composites and flexible rubber-metal units as specified in the new EU standard EN45545-2 (2013) at HL3 level.

Natural FR entrance matting has now been installed in 32 Transport for London stations.

Rubber Consultants has further developed a medium hardness version for the fire protection of other technical rubber products meeting the requirements of EN45545-2 (2013) at HL3 category.



EKOPRENA is a sustainable, low carbon footprint speciality NR material. EKOPRENA /silica compounds have been developed by technologists at TARRC and are being commercialised for use in tyre applications.

In both passenger and truck tyre compounds containing silica filler, EKOPRENA enables tyre manufacturers to better meet current European tyre labelling legislation, providing ground-breaking low rolling resistance (greater fuel economy) and improved wet and ice grip.

Novor – a premium vulcanising agent

Novor is a novel class of vulcanising agent developed by TARRC. Features of compounds containing Novor include:

  • Excellent aged fatigue performance: fatigue resistance improves, hardness and modulus are unchanged 
  • Excellent reversion resistance: large articles cure uniformly 
  • Lower heat build up
  • Invisible curing agent: cannot be detected by chemical analysis


NR compounds containing a hybrid sulphur/Novor system have excellent reversion resistance, which can be tuned to the technical requirements and cost. Many of the hybrid systems are unaffected by cure temperature, thus making them attractive for high temperature curing in injection moulding machines.

Novor cure systems are being used in applications where the extra cost can be accommodated by exceptional service performance, to improve production rates or to meet the ever-increasing demands put upon manufacturers by technical specifications.