BIOTECHNOLOGYRapid allergen testing in natural rubber latex products

Natural rubber latex allergy remains a medical concern affecting around 1% of the worldwide population. As a natural product of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis, natural rubber latex contains several hundreds of proteins among which WHO-IUIS has recognised 13 as allergens responsible for Type I latex allergy. Natural rubber latex is used in the manufacture of a wide range of latex goods, the most important being products related to healthcare such as examination gloves. Product quality and safety are the main targets that NRL industry is required to meet. Allergen and protein monitoring is still regarded as the ultimate Quality Control necessary for meeting safety standards.

We have developed a simple rapid test - Latex-T - that can detect allergens in gloves and other latex dipped products.

  • Latex-T kit is fast and easy to use 
  • The kit detects the presence of two of the major allergens in latex products 
  • Latex-T test kit is designed for on-site detection of latex allergens 
  • The kit is portable and does not require any lab equipment
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