Rubber Consultants offers tailor-made courses in rubber technology for individuals or groups. We can provide different levels of theoretical courses for technical personnel and those working in non-technical areas such as marketing but who require a basic understanding of the science of rubber technology and manufacturing.

The wealth of knowledge and expertise that has been acquired over almost 80 years by TARRC scientists, engineers and technologists means Rubber Consultants can offer much more than basic rubber technology, we also cover areas such as complex engineering applications.

Rubber Consultants are also able to provide practical hands-on training workshops in our laboratories which are some of the most comprehensive in Europe. As all our training is carried out in-house, we are able to provide cost effective solutions for companies wishing to provide training for their staff at our facility in Hertford, only 20 miles north of London with excellent rail and motorway links.

Biotechnology training

Rubber Consultants can offer specialised training in:

  • Plant genomics / genetics
  • Plant molecular biology 
  • Plant proteomics

A wide range of both routine and specialised techniques are available for nucleic acid and protein studies.We can provide individually tailored practical training in variety of methods along with troubleshooting and results interpretation, as a part of training. The study materials could be of trainee’s own or provided by us. TARRC’s affiliation with the Malaysian Rubber Board and Ministry of Primary Industries has facilitated numerous collaborations with the biotech industry based in South-East Asia and worldwide. TARRC also has well-established partnerships with leading research organisations in Europe.

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