Rubber Consultants comprehensive tyre testing facilities offer a unique service for passenger and truck tyres.

Rubber Consultants has some of the most comprehensive independent tyre testing facilities in the world. We have UKAS and VCA accredited tyre test rigs for endurance testing to ECE Regulations 30, 54, 108 and 109. 

  • 2-station passenger test rig: one hub has 350kph speed and 2 tonne capacity, the other hub is for carrying out force and moment measurements
  • 2-Station commercial vehicle tyre test rig with 60mph and 6.5 tonne load capacity
  • Single station rig with a 5 tonnes load and 60mph speed capacity. This rig can be fitted with a high-torque drive suitable for testing high rolling resistant tyres such as solid tyres up to 25mph
  • Pendulum skid resistance tester to test with a range of test surfaces from well defined abrasive paper to roadway, testing to BS EN13036-4:2011
  • Road trailer for accelerated wear testing and wet and dry traction properties
  • Fleet testing offering a range of severity of service for wear trials
  • Tyre testing laboratory is approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency for type approval of passenger and CV tyres
  • Retreading facilities for conventional hot-cure of truck and passenger and truck tyres plus multi-section truck tyre curing and precured retreading

Tyre compound development

Rubber Consultants has expertise in the development of sustainable tyre tread compounds that give excellent rolling resistance, wet grip and wear performance results. We work with suppliers of sustainable rubbers, fillers and other ingredients to assist them in the development of new markets for their products.

We are experts in evaluating the performance of tyre compounds and raw materials including polymers, fillers and other additives.We can provide our clients with chemical and physical data to assist with product development.

Chemical analysis

  • Analysis of tyre construction and tyre component formulations
  • Compliance testing under the REACH directive including:
- PAHTesting according to ISO 21461 (NMR) – UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017
- REACH SVHC Testing (GCMS and ICP)