Natural rubber is an essential commodity and an important industrial raw material. NR derives from a liquid plant by-product called latex. Research in Rubber Consultants’ Biotechnology Unit focuses on various aspects of NR and its source, the rubber plant, addressing both upstream and downstream problems the industry is facing such as latex and timber yield and quality, disease resistance of rubber trees and quality control along with continuous improvement of the final products’ quality.

We offer our expertise in:

  • Total protein and allergen testing, ELISA assays development
  • Development and Analysis of plant molecular markers for breeding programme; genotyping
  • Clonal identification and confirmation of commercial rubber plant materials
  • Lateral flow test development and diagnostics
  • Quantitative Real Time PCR for absolute and relative DNA quantification
  • Gene expression, recombinant protein production and purification
  • 2D-Gel protein separation and analysis
  • Meat speciation, origin identification analysis and Halal/Kosher authentication for non-food products
We are a UKAS-accredited test laboratory in accordance with ISO17025 accreditation and offer:
  • Quantification of aqueous extractable proteins in latex, natural rubber and its elastomeric products using a modified Lowry assay (UKAS-accredited test methods: ASTM D5712-15; EN 455-3:2015)
  • Individual allergenic protein content in natural rubber and elastomeric products: (ASTM D7427-16)
  • Other in-house developed methods for protein quantification
  • Customised test method development
A wide range of both routine and specialised techniques are available for nucleic acid and protein studies. We can provide our clients with advice and practical assistance in troubleshooting and results interpretation, as a part of our service. TARRC’s affiliation with the Malaysian Rubber Board and Ministry of Primary Industries has facilitated numerous collaborations with the biotech industry based in South-East Asia and worldwide. TARRC also has well-established partnerships with leading Universities and research organisations in Europe.


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