The industrial support service at Rubber Consultants consists of a team of highly experienced engineers and technologists capable of delivering practical advice and solutions to real life manufacturing issues.

Experienced engineers and technologists can assist you in identifying solutions to your problems by visiting your facilities to review the process and using a range of tools and techniques backed up by facilities such as modern analytical equipment for material characterisation tests, simulation software and a fully equipped rubber processing workshop in which off-site trials can be performed.

We can help you with:

  • High scrap and rework rates
  • Poor product performance 
  • Poor product appearance 
  • Poor service life 
  • Low production output

We provide: 

  • On-site visits 
  • Identification and reduction of causes leading to scrap 
  • Analysis of defect parts 
  • Compound optimisation 
  • Process optimisation 
  • Factorial experimental design 
  • Rubber to metal bonding 
  • Practical training
SGS VCA UKAS1677 Schedule of Accreditation