Rubber Consultants are world-renowned experts in the design of engineering components ranging from small automotive mounts and bushes through anti-seismic devices to large marine fenders.

Rubber Consultants’ engineers are not only experts in the principles of design of elastomeric engineering components, but also in general engineering functions such as shock, noise and vibration control.

Main areas covered include:

  • Material models for rubber
  • Fatigue and lifetime prediction
  • Noise, vibration and shock control
  • Creep, stress relaxation and ageing
  • Friction and abrasion
  • Rubber products ranging from seals to marine fenders

Design tools

  • Finite Element Analysis (Abaqus, Marc)
  • CAD software
  • Mathematical modelling

Manufacturing assistance

  • Mould design
  • Cure cycle optimisation
  • Rubber bonding
  • Small-scale manufacturing & prototypes
  • Rubber compounds for engineering

Mechanical testing

  • Wide range of testing machines
  • Loads up to 2.5 MN
  • Frequencies up to 10 kHz
  • Large displacements


  • Tri-axial testing of components
  • Environment chambers (temperature, ozone)
  • Purpose built fatigue test machines
  • Friction testing
  • In-house design of jigs and devices
  • In-house development of control software with LabVIEW

Video acquisition

  • High speed camera
  • IR camera
  • Digital Imaging Correlation (DIC)
  • Optical microscopy

Expert advice

  • Over 75 years of experience in research
  • Around 1000 research papers and technical publications
  • Engineering Design with Rubber technical bulletin
  • Expert witness service for legal disputes


  • Tailor-made courses on all aspects of engineering with rubber

Development of anti-seismic devices

  • Viscoelastic dampers
  • Rolling ball devices
  • Wall joints
  • CE marking of laminated bearings

Contract research

  • Experience as leaders / partners in

- UNIDO, European and UK funded projects

- Joint industry projects

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