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40 Years: In 2024 Rubber Consultants Celebrate 40 Years


1. These terms and conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated into all contracts made and all work undertaken by Rubber Consultants, unless expressly varied in writing by a Director, Manager or other authorised officer of Rubber Consultants.

2. All orders for work must be confirmed with an authorised order from the Client. The order should cover the full cost of the work involved.

3. All orders placed with Rubber Consultants will be subject to a minimum order charge.

4. The person or organisation requesting the work shall be liable for all costs, charges and expenses that shall be due in respect of work carried out by Rubber Consultants, subject to these conditions.

5. An invoice will be sent to the client upon completion of the contracted work or, where agreed with the Client, at earlier times within the contract, where a stage of the work has been completed.

6. Where the Client has been given a formal quotation, the invoiced price shall not exceed the total stated in the quotation, except where there has been a variation in the clients instructions acknowledged by Rubber Consultants with a supplementary quotation and agreed and authorised in writing by the Client.

7. Once a purchase order is received by Rubber Consultants, this is an indication of acceptance of the quote.

8. Payment for work carried out by Rubber Consultants shall be made within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed in advance with the Client.

9. Payment by the client should be made in GBP unless otherwise agreed in advance, and including all costs.

10. Rubber Consultants reserve the right to vary the payment terms in the event that it considers part or full payment in advance is necessary.

11. The Client shall be responsible for informing Rubber Consultants of any Withholding Tax (WHT) liability they may have regarding payment for the provision of technical services before requesting a quotation. Rubber Consultants reserves the right to include the cost of any WHT payable in quotations for the provision of such services.

12. The Client shall identify any hazards associated with materials supplied to Rubber Consultants and provide sufficient information, such as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for all materials related to the work.

13. The Client shall be responsible for any delays and costs incurred by Rubber Consultants resulting from incorrect information or materials it supplies throughout the contract.

14. Rubber Consultants reserve the right to suspend progress on the work on any contract in the event of a lack of information or overdue payment from the Client.

15. Any time or date specified for completion of a contract is an estimate and is not guaranteed, however Rubber Consultants will make every effort to comply with the specified completion date.

16. Rubber Consultants shall not disclose to a third party any knowledge or information relating to the Client, or the nature of the work being carried out in the contract unless permitted to do so by law or requested by the Client in writing.

17. Either Rubber Consultants or the Client may terminate the contract at any time by giving the other party not less than 30 days notice, in writing the Client will be liable for proportionate costs up to the time of termination or our current minimum charge, whichever is the highest.

18. Rubber Consultants warrants that where advice is given or work carried out, it will use its best endeavours to ensure accuracy of such advice or work with regards to the Client’s instruction. Any liability of Rubber Consultants for default under this clause shall be limited to the value of the contract in question. Under no circumstances will there be any liability upon Rubber Consultants for consequential loss or penalty, irrespective of how such loss or penalty may arise.

19. Rubber Consultants will, upon request and at the expense of the Client, assign to the Client any patent rights arising directly from the work of the contract which Rubber Consultants may have or assert. All costs associated with patent application will be passed on to the Client.

20. All rights of copyright in or arising out of the work involved in the contract, or any report thereof shall be, and at all times vested in Rubber Consultants unless and except to the extent that they may be assigned to Rubber Consultants.

21. Rubber Consultants shall retain Client samples for a minimum of 6 months from date of receipt, unless otherwise advised to the Client. After this date, samples will be disposed of. If the Client requests that samples be returned to them, any costs incurred are passed onto the Client.

22. Rubber Consultants reserve the right to change these conditions from time to time as it sees fit. Regular Clients will be given 30 days written notice prior to any changes.

23. The contract will be governed in all respects by English law and the parties required to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

24. In the event of a query or a complaint, please contact the Rubber Consultants office.

We shall: 

  • acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two working days and tell you who is dealing with your complaint
  • discuss your complaint with you to understand why you remain dissatisfied and what outcome you are looking for
  • give you a full response to the complaint as soon as possible