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Analytical services from Rubber Consultants - GC-HID


Do you need air testing around pipes to determine whether any of the contents are leaking into the surrounding atmosphere?

Do you need to test the air in bags containing sealed medicines?

•Rubber Consultants GC-HID is an instrument that uses gas chromatography with a helium ionization detector

•Gas chromatographic analyses using a helium ionization detector (GC/HID) can detect impurities in the ppm to ppb range

•The Helium ionization detector is a pulsed discharge ionization detector for gas chromatography that uses a low powered, stable, pulsed DC discharge in helium as an ionisation source

•Our HID has a cryo-oven so can test down to as low as -60°C


HIDs are sensitive to a wide range of components

•It’s a more sensitive alternative to FID (flame ionisation detector)

•Can test known compounds at low concentration to look for trace elements

•Can test both gas and liquid samples

Industries that can use it 

•Pharmaceutical industry (medicines overwrap packaging)

•Petrochemical industry (leaking into surrounding air/atmosphere)

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements and get a quotation for any work you may have in mind. Call Rubber Consultants on +44 (0)1992 554657 or email info@rubberconsultants.com for attention of Anna Benton

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